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Creating a Culture of Caring

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust (KCT) has provided field trips for the local elementary school for 10 years. Each grade adopts a different land trust property, learning its unique environmental and historical landscape during visits two to three times a year.

KCT expanded it to include other elementary schools in the area, summer camps for middle schoolers, high school programming for the Alternative Education Class, and even college studies.

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

Kennebunkport, ME

Partners: University of New England, environmental science teachers at the local elementary, middle and high schools, summer camps, volunteers

Staff: Staff: 3 FTE | 1 FTE for program

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust Outdoor Education

"Our community supports our land trust in large part because of these programs; our financial resilience is linked to our educational programs."

— Tom Bradbury, KCT Executive Director