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Are you interested in connecting with more people, from all walks of life?

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Would you like to see your organization expand its impact in a way that enriches lives, builds a lasting commitment to conservation, and builds your organizational capacity?

We work with all-volunteer and staffed organizations—primarily conservation organizations—who want to engage with people based upon shared values, a connection to building a better and more inclusive community through conservation, and a Culture of Appreciation.

Why? Because we feel an urgency to build resilient, impactful, strategic, and compassionate organizations. We believe that together, no matter where we live or what we do, conservation should and can enrich the lives of all people in tangible ways and build more inclusive, thoughtful, and healthy communities. 

Our approach

We work with you to enhance your leadership, to create a culture that inspires participation and volunteer efforts, and to increase contributions for the organization and related programs and projects.

Rather than do the work for you, we focus on coaching: providing you with the strategy, tactics, skills, feedback, brainstorming, examples, and copy-writing/editing support that allow you to continue to grow and expand your impact beyond our work together.

We focus on communications and engagement that draw people together—and to your land trust—using techniques from neuroscience, marketing, donor-centered engagement, environmental physiology, conservation psychology, and organizational and behavioral change theory.

In partnership with W Design, or your own designers, we also work to help transform your outreach, educational materials, and marketing to be more visually inspiring and impactful.


How people work with us

We provide training both remotely and on-site. Trainings are customized to you and your needs and vary in approach:

Speed coaching

A focused, remote coaching relationship where we identify one or more areas where we can make a difference within 8 to 12 hours, usually at a pace of three to four hours per month. This often involves some editing, research, and copy-writing by Community Consultants to help you further your goals.

Monthly or bi-monthly calls

Some organizations find monthly brainstorming calls helpful. Topics include leadership development, organizational capacity and growth strategy, content strategy and storytelling, climate change communications, and fundraising approaches to grow momentum and greater impact.

Coaching for eight to twelve months

Many groups elect to work with us in a more systemic manner. We approach the work from a strategic perspective, and then drop down into the nuts and bolts. Together, we work to find the appropriate level of support that meets your schedule and needs, and that builds your capacity and impact. If you are working with us over time, we bring current data and perspectives to the table to help you incrementally enhance your work and impact.

Ongoing coaching and support

We work with a limited number of conservation organizations on an ongoing basis to provide strategic, and tactical, support related to communications, organizational development, project development, and fundraising.