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Community Conservation

Community Conservation Spotlights

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out this community conservation series featuring land trusts from across the country, developed in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance.

More Community Conservation Resources

Throughout the country land trusts are finding new and creative ways to engage their community and elevate voices who historically may not have seen a place for them in land conservation.

There are numerous resources about how and why conservation organizations are investing in inclusive conservation.

Check these out as a starting point.


More Communications Resources

If you are looking for a variety of communication approaches, you may find these organizations and/or individuals of interest.

Find articles & topics of interest based upon

Research, News or Land Trusts in Action

Interested in climate change, conservation, and what you can do?

My twice-monthly e-News provides articles, commentary, and research with tips on communication, impact, and what land trusts and conservation groups are doing to slow down climate change.

“The e-News is incredibly informative and helps our land trust understand how we can take effective action on the climate front.”
Dave Clutter, Executive Director
Driftless Conservancy

“Your climate e-Newsletters have given me some very helpful ideas on how to talk about climate change with our board and members, and begin to break the ‘cone of silence’ around this incredibly significant topic.”

Sandra Staples-Bortner, Executive Director
Great Peninsula Conservancy

“Judy’s climate e-News provides land trusts help and hope in dealing with climate change.”
Carol Abrahamzon, Executive Director
Mississippi Valley Conservancy

“It’s refreshing to receive your newsletter and hear about some of the great work that is being done—proactively—to mitigate climate change.”
Jen Rowland, Director of Operations and Development
Wild Seed Project

“Great publication—I always take 20 minutes to read it every time.”
Don Owen, Board Member
Continental Divide Trail Coalition