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Judy Anderson portrait

Judy Anderson


Judy Anderson of Community Consultants has worked in the land trust sector for over 25 years. Judy currently assists nonprofit organizations on practical strategic conservation initiatives, incorporating local communities, climate change, governance, communications, and community-based fundraising strategies.

Kate Belton portrait outside

Kate Belton


Kate was born and raised in Wyoming and has deep roots in the Rocky Mountain West. She is a ceramic and graphite artist, as well as a freelance editor and graphic designer for organizations specializing in the arts, Indigenous cultures, land and water preservation, and climate change mitigation. Kate is passionate about land, water, and the arts as they relate to people and a sense of place.

Prior to working freelance, she was Assistant Curator/Preparator at The Brinton Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming where she designed the permanent Plains Indian Exhibition, under direct tutelage of Crow and Cheyenne Chief, Father Peter J. Powell, PhD. Kate is an alumna of Colorado College and currently calls Bozeman, Montana home.


Dorene Warner


Dorene Warner of W Design has partnered with Community Consultants to develop engaging publications and effective websites for land trusts throughout the states for six years.

W Design has been building working relationships with the land trusts, heritage associations, and regional organizations to grow donor support, promote ecotourism, and build community pride with the goal of protecting land, water and history through education and activities available to the public.

For 25 years, all of W Design's projects have been built upon a foundation of methodical research, adept experience, and thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives, culture, and targeted audience. We've help transform interactions into memorable experiences through strategic, evocative brand identities, and graphic design.

Originating our roots in brand development through print and web design, W Design has expanded its multi-disciplinary skills to develop experiential environments to encourage discovery of places through wayfinding programs and educational interpretive signs for towns, trails, museums and heritage sites.