Conservation Changing Lives: Empowering You

“Judy’s coaching has transformed how I work. She empowered me to get out of my own head and into the hearts of donors with strategy, science, and empathy”

Emy RoyceCommunications Director
Bitter Root Land Trust

Areas of focus

  • Inclusive conservation, Ambassador Lands
  • Communications to inspire and connect
  • Community-based fundraising
  • Programs that change lives and inspire
  • Climate change
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic planning

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Interested in climate change, conservation, and what you can do?

My twice-monthly e-News provides articles, commentary, and research with tips on communication, impact, and what land trusts and conservation groups are doing to slow down climate change.

Recent Climate Change & Conservation e-News stories


Office upgrades: Going solar

Genesee Valley Conservancy, NY

February 2020

You and your local land trust can demonstrate that change starts at home. Some people can buy into community solar, while others may install solar on their buildings. It's also an area where your land trust could advocate for policies to assist with more affordable energy conservation efforts—just like land trusts advocate for conservation funding. 

Historic 1 Main Street, built in 1835, has received its most recent modernization this fall with the addition of solar panels to provide clean electricity...


Republican and Democratic voters actually agree on many climate change fixes. So why no action?

February 2020

There’s a lot of belief among Americans that it’s necessary—and possible—to do something about climate change, and a fair amount of agreement on what should be done. That's good news. Your land trust can help connect the dots between the increasingly serious impacts of climate change and real climate solutions—energy conservation, natural solutions, and renewables, included.

As Australia burns and the Earth just ended the warmest decade on record, Democrats and Republicans disagree so sharply on climate change ideas that there's no hope of working on the problem, right? Actually, wrong...

"Judy’s climate e-News provides land trusts help and hope in dealing with climate change."

Carol Abrahamzon, Executive Director
Mississippi Valley Conservancy

Community Conservation Spotlights

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out this community conservation series featuring land trusts from across the country, developed in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance.

Judy Anderson portrait

Community Consultants snapshot

Judy Anderson of Community Consultants has worked in the land trust sector for over 25 years. Judy currently assists nonprofit organizations on practical strategic conservation initiatives, incorporating local communities, climate change, governance, communications, and community-based fundraising strategies.

"Speed coaching [short-term coaching] with Judy was incredibly productive for our land trust. She guided us to adjust our approach to communications and begin reworking our materials, with great results."

Janet Milkman, Executive Director
Barnstable Land Trust