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Farming, food and photography

The Agricultural Stewardship Association teamed up with local organizations, including The Arts Center, to offer a unique program to middle school students during the summer for a weeklong day camp program focused on farming, food and photography.

Kids explored, tasted and photographed food and animals from local farms, discussed where their food comes from and prepared farm-to-table meals using local produce, dairy and meats.

As part of the program, the campers document their time on the farms and in the kitchen through photography; then edit their photographs at The Art Center’s state-of-the-art Digital Art Studio and blog daily.

Campers come away with a portfolio of photographs, recipes and an appreciation for the role that local farms play in our lives and in what we eat.

Agricultural Stewardship Association

Greenwich, NY

Partners: The Arts Center

Staff: 5 FTE, 3 PTE | 1 seasonal staff delivering program (120 hrs), 1 overseeing program (20 hours) and 1 summer intern (80 hrs)

kids photographing llamas