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Asian Elders Climbing Trail Stairs

Six Tips for Engaging Elders

1. Research has documented that outdoor experiences, close to home, are important for everyone; these experiences can be even more helpful as people age and…

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Green Burial

Conservation and Green Burial

Alachua Conservation Trust partnered with Conservation Burial Inc. to create a natural burial ground within the land trust’s Prairie Creek Preserve. Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery…

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The Wilderness Center, Foxfield Preserve

Conservation – green burial grounds

Foxfield Preserve is a nonprofit conservation burial ground operated by The Wilderness Center, a nonprofit nature center and land trust. This project was the first…

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Mike Scott
The Preserve At All Saints. © Mike Scott

End-of-Life Planning

There are many elders and their families that want to consider how their end-of-life planning reflects their values. Just as estate planning is helpful for…

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Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts: Lathrop and Applewood
© Lathrope Community

Retirement Communities

Kestrel Land Trust is collaborating with active elders at two retirement communities in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts: Lathrop and Applewood. So far programs with…

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Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph

Faith Communities

The Bow in the Clouds property got its name from the donors—the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph—who reference the rainbow after the Great…

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Bird Tales

Bring the Outside Indoors

Audubon groups and other wildlife organizations are working to provide programming to elder homes and facilities in a manner that enriches the lives of those…

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legacy of trail work

Enhanced Accessibility

An inclusive community stakeholder process urged the land trust to use its legacy of trail work to benefit a wide range of community groups. As…

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Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association

Accessibility Day

The land trust hosts an annual “Accessibility Day” for those who otherwise would be unable to reach the views and/or summit of the Pinnacle (part…

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Wintonbury Land Trust

A 140-acre open space owned by the Town of Bloomfield comprised of farm, forest and pastures is adjacent to Duncaster Retirement Community. Ironwood Community Partners…

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