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Conservation – green burial grounds

Foxfield Preserve is a nonprofit conservation burial ground operated by The Wilderness Center, a nonprofit nature center and land trust. This project was the first nature preserve cemetery in Ohio and the first in the nation operated by a conservation organization.

Beyond allowing a burial free of embalming chemicals and without the need for concrete vaults and steel caskets, Foxfield Preserve also restores natural land for future generations to enjoy. Functioning as a nature preserve first, it provides the community with the legacy of a beautiful retreat and a refuge for wildlife.

Burial at Foxfield Preserve supports the mission of The Wilderness Center, which connects the community with nature, educates people of all ages, conserves natural resources and practices land stewardship.

The Wilderness Center


Partners: Foxfield Preserve

Staff: 8 FTE, 8 PTE | 1 FTE, 1 PTE to manage Foxfield Preserve

The Wilderness Center, Foxfield Preserve

“I was struck immediately with the ‘rightness’ of the [conservation burial] concept. It sounded perfect!”

Marge Thomas, Wilderness Center member