Community Conservation

Genesee Trail
© Genesee Land Trust

Access to the Outdoors

The Thomas R. Frey Trail at El Camino is a rail-trail owned by the city that has become more than a trail. Now it’s a…

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local farmers

Advocates for land security for immigrant and beginning farmers

The Making Allies for Healthier Communities partnership promotes healthy communities by conserving quality farmland for local farmers to grow and sell fresh food to all…

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Bird Tales

Bring the Outside Indoors

Audubon groups and other wildlife organizations are working to provide programming to elder homes and facilities in a manner that enriches the lives of those…

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Chris Link

The Incubator Farm

The Farmer Incubator Program is a critical part of Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy’s Farmland Access Service, which provides access to land, infrastructure (greenhouses, washing and…

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interns in their garden

Leadership program grows with a garden

Lookout Mountain Conservancy owns and manages an organic garden as part of its high school youth and leadership program. Students discuss with their families what…

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local CSA
Katrina Farmer

Connecting youth to farms

Created in partnership with the farm manager of local CSA and with the support of several social services agencies, the Kids Connect! program provides disadvantaged…

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