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mowed trail
Kenneth Schulze

Reflections for land trusts, April 2018

I’m betting you know that conserving land close to home (whether rural, suburban, or urban) is an important part of ensuring that people from all walks of life have healthier lives.

It’s also an important part of ensuring a long-term love of the land and water (email me and I’ll send an article about the research that documents this).

But how about considering the positive impacts of reducing CO2 when we reduce the need to drive (or the distance we are driving) to experience wonderful places that enrich our lives?

Creating trails that connect to conserved lands where people live is a great way to do just that—and begin to help reduce greenhouse gases.

Land trusts all across the country are working on this in different ways; here are three examples to get the discussion started.


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Deer In Wheat Field
Dave Hagen

Reflections from Judy, April 2018

Spring may actually surface in the northeast this month. It’s a good time to think about how climate change is impacting our communities and how we can help those we care about connect the dots. As Bob Ingils (South Carolinian, Republican, Energy and Enterprise Initiative (“E&EI”) notes, you often can’t talk about the problem until you find solutions people are comfortable with.

That means, more than ever before, we need to consider steps large and small related to how people can make a difference. It’s something we all can be part of. If you know of land trusts helping to do just that I’d love to hear from you.



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Pink Flowers
Judy Anderson

Reflections for land trusts, March 2018

I’m delighted you’ve joined with others interested in how land trusts, and people like you, can make a difference in slowing down climate change.

With climate change, the most significant threat to long-term conservation, land trusts across the country are finding ways to inspire people in their communities to take action.

For some, it’s empowering them to be spokespeople to share what they are seeing and linking it to solutions. I’ll be sharing examples of land trusts who are taking action.

I think you’ll enjoy this video from the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust. They’re a small land trust taking a big leadership step in prioritizing climate awareness and action, one day at a time.


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Bird On Woody Stalk
Stan Lilley

Reflections from Judy, February 2018

As promised at last summer’s Land Trust Alliance New York Advisory Board retreat, here is the first edition of my climate and conservation e-News.

The goal of the monthly e-News will be to provide a variety of articles and observations focusing on the impact of, and solutions to, climate change with an emphasis on mitigation (slowing climate change down, and transitioning away from fossil fuels). I’ll be looking for land trusts leading in this area.

At this point, the NY LTA Advisory group and a few others are part of the email list for this email. I will be expanding the list once I complete my website. If you do not wish to be part of this group, feel free to unsubscribe.

Thanks for caring about conservation, climate, and the difference we can make.


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